DC 2016



Clik on this link below to have your bike transported to this even




Please remember to fill a form in for every bicycle thank you.

Hi to all DC  participants just to bring u in the picture regarding the transport arrangements.

Here are a few questions that pop up and i hope that the answer’s would help you.


Please pay for the Extra services in CASH when you deliver your bike for example: Delivery to your Accomadation, extra bag , helmet and shoes , spare wheels ........

Bag size.... Small = R100 Helmet ,Shoes, Cycling tools and Spaers 

                   Meduim= R200 Wheel-set, extra Frame 

                   Large =  R350 Epic bag, Plinth

This is just to give you a idee , and this need to be paid cash on the day you deliver your bike please.


Q: What makes you so different than the other transporters

A: Yes there are a few points,the most important one is i just enjoy working and helping people specially CYCLIST 

Q; Were do we drop our bikes of

A: Bike need to be dropped of in Midrand 273 Brand st President Park Halfway House (close to Gallagher Estate) www.mcvg.co.za

Q: Do you dismantle the bike / or make any adjustments to the bike

A: No adjustments are made to the bike, every bike is packed and wrapped in it’s own blanket, and i would like to assure you that I will take good care of your BIKE

Q: How are the bikes transported

A: Bikes are transported in a enclosed trailor, they are all secured and are not exposed while in transit.

Q: When do i need to drop the bike.

A: We will be loading the bikes, the Monday prior to the event ,time for dropping bikes will be sms’ed to you.  

Q: When can i collect my bike

A: Bikes can be collected as per arrangement. 

Q: What time would you be there.

A: I will be at the Start a day before, the event starts. So you don't need to stress…… you just come and collect your bike and fit your timing chip and number , this would be the same for the start of the other events

Q: Can i send some extra good with

A: Yes you can, you just need to make the arrangement , however there will be a small fee for this service

Q: How do we find you after the event

A: I will be at the end, after the event so you hand your bike in.

Q: When would you be back in Jhb for us to collect our bikes

A: We usually plan on leaving the day after the event, one day travailing, and the then the Tuesday or the Wednesday by 11H00,we do communicate via sms to inform you    

Read more: https://www.you-make-the-choice.com   

Payment secures  transportation to DC @ R1100.00 p/bike TANDEM PRICE @ R1900.00 and Oneway transportation @ 80% off fee p/bike. Put your Name and Surname as ref: Bank: FNB Branch Name: Rmb Private Bank  Code: 25-50-50 Account : 62149615439 Account Name: Andre Steenkamp. For more info sms or phone Andre 0825518720.e-mail proof to andre@mcvg.co.za