Epic 2016

Clik on this link below to have your bike transported to this event


Please remember to fill a form in for every bicycle thank you.

Hi to all the epic participants just to bring u in the picture regarding the transport arrangements.

Here are a few questions that pop up and i hope that the answer’s would help you.

Q: Do you dismantle the bike / or make any adjustments to the bike

A: No adjustments are made to the bike, every bike is packed and wrapped in it’s own blanket, and i would like to assure you that i will take good care of your BIKE

Q: How are the bikes transported

A: Bikes are transported in a enclosed trailor, they are all secured and are not exposed while in transit.

Q: When do i need to drop the bike.

A: We will be loading the bikes,the Tuesday prior to the event ,time for dropping bikes will be sms’ed to you.

     Map to see the drop of area https://goo.gl/maps/NFM6j

  Q: When can i collect my bike

A: Bikes can be collected Fri, most of the people prefer to collect the morning of the prolog.

Q: What time would you be there.

A: I will be at the prolog from 5h30 so you don't need to stress…… you just come and collect your bike and fit your timing chip and number

Q: Do you provide a service from the pro-log to the start

A: Yes we can help, we will transfer you bike after the pro-log to the start at R200 per bike

Q: Can i send some extra good with

A: Yes you can you just need to make the arrangement , however there will be a small fee for this service

Bag size.... Small = R100 Helmet ,Shoes, Cycling tools 

                   Meduim= R200 Wheel-set, Small bag ....

                   Large =  R350 Epic bag, Plinth,this will be per item

This is just to give you a idee , and this need to be paid cash on the day you deliver your bike please.   

Payment secures transportation to Epic @ R1300.00 p/bike put your Name and Surname as ref:  Bank: FNB Branch Name: Rmb Private Bank  Code: 25-50-50 Account : 62149615439 Account Name: Andre Steenkamp. For more info sms or phone Andre 0825518720.