God's servants

02/10/2014 08:11

Wherever God's servants are lead, they should seek to declare the truth in a humble way. 

When they went on in Christ's name and strength, lead by the Holy Spirit, He failed not to give testimony to the word of his grace. 

He has assured us it is the word of God, and that we, may venture our souls upon it. 


The world, and “christians” are at enmity with one another, yet united against true Christians.

We will face it today in our own ranks…. 


If the church's enemies join to destroy it, shall not its true friends in Christ unite for its preservation through the power of the Holy Spirit? 

God has a shelter for his people in a storm; He is, and will be their Hiding- place. 


In times of persecution, pressure and among people that profess to stand for what is right, we as believers in Christ may see cause to quit our spot, though we do not quit our Master's work !