Taking care of others in a spiritual way

18/08/2016 20:41
2 Corinthians 1:1-11
We are encouraged to come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercyand find love, peace and grace to help in time of need
The Lord is able to give peace to the troubled conscience, and to calm the raging passions of the soul. 
These blessings are given by Him, as the Father of his redeemed family. 
It is our Savior who says, Let not your heart be troubled. All comforts come from God, and our sweetest comforts are in Him.
He speaks peace to souls by granting the free remission of sins; and He comforts them by the rich mercies of his grace
He is able to bind up the broken- hearted, to heal the most painful wounds, and also to give hope and joy under the heaviest sorrows. 
The favors God bestows on us, are not only to make us cheerful, but also that we may be useful to others. He sends comforts enough to support such. We need to simply trust in and serve Him. 
If we should be brought so low as to despair even of life, yet we may then trust God, who can bring back even from death( in the case of Lazarus). 
Their hope and trust were not in vain; nor shall any be ashamed who trust in the Lord
Past experiences encourage faith and hope, and lay us under obligation to trust in God for time to come.
It is our duty, not only to help one another with prayer, but in praise and thanksgiving, and thereby to make suitable returns for benefits received by offering ourselves once again into His service. 


We need to trust that trials and tribulation, in our lives and in the lives of others, will be covered by God’s love,mercy, grace, compassion and will end in good, to ourselves and others