I ALMOST made the choice

08/01/2014 22:20

Are we almost a christian ,or are we willing to go all the way for, almost will not crack it. The word almost is not the best to here when you hear that Jesus almost forgave our trespasses and that He almost died for our sins. Jesus did not ,almost intercede for us. He went all the way and then to crown it all it was He's desire that He's Father will ,will be done ,and this was not almost , it was done to the fullest of what was written in scripture.  

The word almost is the biggest oxymoron in the respect ,that we are hiding behind now, how would you feel if I had to say to you that you almost made it to haven, if I would make a quote, that they almost ,missed a head on collusion, now did they miss the other car or did they have the accident....... Now if they almost survived are they still with us , or did they almost not make it. Do you want to be characterized as a "almost",or as a definite ,you can make the choice today by what you stand by.   Are you almost grounded on the Rock Jesus? This is not a trick question, it is to make you realize that we cannot play games, we must take a stand ,and be very aware of the fact that Satan is the only one that wants us,to almost make it to haven, his aim is that we should just, almost make it but because of our almost being obedient. Therefore today is the day. Make the choice and be sure that there is no almost in your vocabulary that you could fall back on ,for you almost made the choice for Jesus but you never did.....